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Did you know non-neutered dogs need more calories?


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What’s {{ dog_name }}’s lifestyle?

We want to make sure {{ dog_name }} gets just the right amount of food for herhis activity level.

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What’s {{ dog_name }}’s goal for next month?

Did you know that maintaining a healthy weight has been proven to lengthen a dog’s lifespan by up to 2 years?

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Our balanced, nutritious blend of premium chicken, brown rice, veggies and antioxidants meets AAFCO guidelines and will delight your pup at first bite.

Each monthly box contains 31 days worth of pre-portioned pouches.
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We want every customer to be fully satisfied. If for any reason you are not, we will issue you a full refund for your most recent month of your subscription.

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vet evaluations

Free nutritional consults with our pallaby vets and nutritionists.

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All of our packaging is 100% compostable.

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