our mission:
nutrition for life

portion control and peace of mind

Pallaby began out of a desire to help our own dogs live better, longer lives. As in humans, obesity can cause serious health concerns in dogs and we wanted to solve this problem.

And so, we created pallaby.

a message from
our founders

We believe your dog food company should be a partner in your dog’s nutritional journey. We look forward to getting to know your dog and caring for them alongside you.

-Pat & Brandon

We pledge to treat your dog's health like it was our own.

our team

Pat De Peters Co-founder and CEO

Patrick DePeters

Co-Founder and CEO

Brandon Stuart co-founder and chief brand officer

Brandon Stuart

Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer

Jake Lau - Customer Success

Jake Lau

Customer Success

Ben Azarraga - Creative Direction and UX

Ben Azarraga

Creative Direction and UX

Melissa Brookshire - Compliance and Customer Support

Dr. Melissa Brookshire, DVM


Zane Cassidy - Copywriting

Zane Cassidy


Olivia Garvelink - Marketing

Olivia Garvelink


Jessica Jones - Social Media Strategy

Jessica Jones

Social Media Strategy

Georgie Lee - Editorial

Georgie Lee


Matt Segal - Research and Analytics

Matt Segal

Research and Analytics

Josh Shaner - Performance Marketing

Josh Shaner

Performance Marketing

Dr Doron Vardi - Veterinarian

Dr. Doron Vardi, DVM


Tony Vercelli - Content Production

Tony Vercelli

Content Production

Jason Meltzer - Advisor

Jason Meltzer


Jane Lin - Marketing

Jane Lin


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