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Premium Dog Food Delivery - Portioned Meal Plans - Pallaby

premium dry dog food,
pre-portioned for your pup

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we're on a mission to keep your pup healthy as they grow.

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By learning about your dog (their breed, age, activity level, etc.) we create a plan that changes as they grow.

Our kibble is made in California with ingredients that humans crave and nutrition that dogs need.

Add our nutritional treats to your subscription and we will include them in your dog's daily calorie plan.

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Tell us about your dog so our algorithm can help identify their healthy daily caloric intake.

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We deliver a month’s worth of pre-portioned premium kibble and treats that your dog will crave in 100% compostable pouches.

plans evolve as your dog grows

As your dog grows and changes we will make recommendations for their health, like new recipes and nutritional treats.

membership perks for pups and their parents

We pre-portion your dog's kibble and treats so they only eat as much as they need. This helps prevent weight-related health conditions before they occur.

Every month, we deliver a fresh batch of pallaby pouches. No more bulk bags, greasy tupperware or rancid dog food.

Grab the number of pouches you need and don't look back! Our pouches can even be cut open for use as an impromptu food bowl.

Our pouches aren’t just convenient while on the go, they’re also 100% compostable.

Our vet-developed algorithm provides us their healthy caloric intake and informs plan evolutions as your pup grows.

When you refer a friend and they join pallaby, you'll earn a discount toward your next month's membership.

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Spread the word and earn.

Promote pallaby to your followers and earn $45 per referral. We make it easy for you to tell others how we are supporting sustainable dog health.

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Meeka is normally a picky eater but she loves her pallaby kibble and her coat has never looked shinier.

Robby B.

Don't sit, stay, or wait another minute.

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