There are plenty of good reasons to change your dog’s food. Sometimes they develop allergies to certain vegetables or proteins. Maybe your vet recommended a different brand. Or maybe their diet can benefit from a higher quality recipe. 

Whatever your reason, with a little help from our transition guide, the switch doesn’t have to be a source of concern. Instead, you can feel confident about how to approach changing your dog’s nutritional plan. 

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Much like people, our pups can succumb to an unhealthy burden of weight as their bodies grow and change. These extra pounds might appear quickly and can be written off as their “cute chunkiness” or being “big boned.” 

But, according to a recent study of more than 50,000 dogs, those that are overweight live 2 ½ years less than those at their ideal weight. 

Keep reading to see the research and our two tips to help your dog find their healthy weight.
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If you’re here, you’re probably concerned about what’s in your dog’s food. Rightly so. The dog food corner of the internet is awash in information, marketing gimmicks and fad diets. Which leads us to the Golden Rule, be skeptical before you buy a new food! 

Your dog’s health deserves a little research and evaluation and we’re here to help. In this post we will arm you with five key facts that will help you determine which food is best for your pup.

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We love treating our dogs. After all, they are part of the family. 

But while it might be tempting to share some of your food with your beloved fur baby, it’s important to remember that some ingredients that are edible and safe for humans, can be harmful for dogs. That’s why you should always do some research before feeding your pooch something new and try your best to resist those puppy-dog eyes. 

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